My work was featured in a YouTube video!

Some of you may know that I am a follower of Arkas on YouTube. I consider him one of the best Minecraft builders, and credit him for all the building techniques I have learned. Anyway, he is making an adventure map but found it too much work, so he asked the community for submissions.
I submitted some trains (the first trains I have tried to make in Minecraft by the way) and here is the result:


I am really proud of my work, and am inspired to start making my own adventure map… Maybe we can play it on the server someday.


I can’t wait any longer! RAGE!

Hello all,
I can’t wait any longer. Mojang has had 1.8 snapshots out for months, but there still is no sign of a full release. I know people are eager to have a fresh start, so the server will be reset to the new 1.7 map on Friday, just in time for April break at my school. We decided on a set of rules a while back so the write-up is as follows.

Overall rules:
The rules are set up for pvp, because you guys wanted pvp, so it is advisable not to run away 8000 blocks to escape from people. I don’t want to hear complaints about getting raided, because that is the intent of the map. Aesthetic builds can be built in safe cities.
The map will consist of designated areas, Cities and Frontier, each with their own unique rules.

256×256 area in which there is no pvp or griefing. Every city will have a simple wall and a community building/town hall in the center. This area should be used as a community hub, for shops, monuments, games, etc. In order to prevent people from building their bases inside the city, all chests within a city are considered community supplies, and can be used by anybody. Strip mines are discouraged, and all items found whilst caving are considered community property. The End island will be considered a city. Also, no mob farms/xp farms/iron golem farms are allowed within a city, because they decrease the value of otherwise rare items. If you want to build these farms, they must be in the frontier, and susceptible to looting.

Any space beyond the boundaries/walls of a city. This is the only area mob farms and private bases will be allowed to be built. The rules of the frontier are no rules, that is, pvp, greifing, looting, and all the like are allowed and encouraged. The frontier is the only place where strip mining will be allowed. The Nether will be considered frontier, except for community-built tracks between cities, which are safe.

-If a location of interest, such as a mesa biome or a village, is found and the finder would like to share with the community, a city will be established at that location. The surrounding area will be checked, however, to make sure nobody is hiding their base there.

-I considered using WorldEdit for building things like the city walls, but have decided that we will stay strictly vanilla in any and all builds on this server. “Cheating,” such as X-ray machines, X-ray texture packs, duplication bugs, bribing an operator, hacking the server, etc. are strictly forbidden. I will make an exception for mods like NEI or Optifine that only affect the client.

I have also decided on a name for the server: Bastion Builders. This name will appear on the blog and server text after we update.

Where is 1.8!?!?!?

That’s the question we’re all asking.
I promised we would do the map reset with the release of 1.8 hoping that it would be released mid-March. Enter April with no signs of a release.
I am going to give Mojang two more weeks, and if it isn’t released yet, then I will institute the map reset (just in time for april break!). We will be using seed #5.
For now, I will declare the new lands on the current server a raiding zone. This is far enough away from major builds that people should be able to wreak havoc to their heart’s content.


The End… Or is it?

“It was a long and hard bow battle. Endermen attacked from all sides and I was bombarded with hits. ”

After a monotonous valiant struggle, the dragon who had so plagued the boring fertile land of the End was slain, by the colonists who had ventured to this land to build an enderman farm begin a new civilization. They brought the hostage trophy, the Dragon Egg, back to their native city to be looked at once and forgotten an eternal monument for the beast protector of the End.

…Ok back to 2014

I was hoping Mojang would have released 1.8 by now, but they seem to be holding back. I don’t want to run the snapshots, however, because they are always glitchy and the last thing I want is to have a corrupted world file, I am going to hold back. For now, I think I want to set up some sort of pvp game in the End for those who thirst for blood.

Also, I’d like to welcome Barbaric_Builder to the server!


City Wall Prototype

EDIT: I’m not going to build this in creative. Will end up building a simpler wall in survival once we get established

The results for which seed we will be using are not finalized, but I went ahead and started prototyping the city walls. I could easily just make a bedrock wall, but I think we need a bit more swag. (Also, I have been watching too much Arkas lately)


The wall has a bedrock core to deter greifers (in case we ever decide to make the server public) and is measured out to fit perfectly around our 256×256 city space. The gatehouse (pictured) will be in the center of each wall length and line up with the Town Hall.

The final product probably won’t have as much of the random variation, since I plan to copy-paste the wall segments with worldedit commands.


Gatehouse at twilight


Periodically throughout the wall we will have these doors, to allow people to enter/exit without having to run all the way to the gatehouse. They aren’t very horse-friendly, though.

The overall looks of the wall is subject to change, but I don’t want to have to spend a lot of time building it, so there will be more time for the PVP gameplay!



Seeds for the new server!

EDIT: So far, #2 and #5 are tied for first and #1 and #7 are tied for second. (My way of scoring may be a little skewed, but it works)

Hey all, I’ve been looking around for a good seed in the latest snapshot, and here are my top choices. I was looking for a good, flat area to spawn in so a good city could be built, also in order to allow players to spread out evenly.

Below, I have introduced each seed with pros and cons for each biome, in terms of PVP gameplay and aesthetics/color theory. Each screenshot will be the area of the spawn city.

#1: Hilly Savannah/Desert



  • ┬áIt doesn’t rain in Savannah or desert biomes
  • village nearby
  • Plains = horses
  • access to sand, acacia trees, oak trees, spruce trees
  • Savannah biomes have a nice grass color, that works well with anything wood or stone. Even hardended clay could look nice.


  • Not much biome variation
  • Deserts aren’t great for building
  • Many mountains, makes it hard to build

#2: Mountains and Taiga



  • Access to snow/ice, spruce wood, oak and birch
  • grass color works well with darker woods and stone
  • plenty of water/clay


  • Mountains cool but tough to build around
  • LOTS of trees: must be cut down to build anything
  • a lot of water: annoying when you want to build something big

#3: Taiga and Forest



  • Plenty of spruce/oak/birch
  • access to snow
  • not too many rivers
  • nice grass, flat land


  • Trees must be cut down to provide land to work with
  • nearby mountains interfere with player spread
  • Ocean nearby

#4: Desert, Plains, Savannah



  • Plenty of flat land for expansive builds
  • Plenty of sand
  • Access to oak/birch/acacia trees


  • Deserts are terrible to build in
  • Not much variation
  • lack of trees, unless tree farms are built

#5: Forest/Taiga and Mountains



  • Access to plenty of spruce, oak, birch, snow
  • flat-ish area (sans trees)
  • cool mountains
  • nice grass color


  • not much variation
  • Trees block the flat land
  • Large mountains to contend with

#6: Desert, plains



  • Plenty of flat land
  • Plains = horses
  • Access to oak, birch, acacia, sand
  • No rain in Desert


  • Deserts are not fun
  • Ocean nearby interferes with player spread
  • Not many trees

#7: Savannah cove



  • Really cool feel: mountainous savannah surrounding an ocean


  • Not actually what I was looking for in terms of a good seed

#8: Plains, tiniest village you have ever seen



  • Flat land
  • plains = horses
  • Access to oak, birch, spruce, snow
  • village


  • Village literally has only one villager
  • not much variation
  • nearby swamp (ick)

I would appreciate it if you could all email me with your top 3 favorite, so I can hold a vote for the winning seed!



Level loves Acacia


Hours of riding boats and horses, falling down several ravines, and countless birch trees later, I have finally done it!

As this season of the server begins to come to a close, I decided I had to complete one last quest: to find acacia trees to complete my collection of wood types. Acacia wood is one of my favorite blocks in the game, but the savanna biome was elusive on this server!

1.7’s terrain gen causes biomes of similar “climate” to spawn close to each other. Since our “climate” by the portal was “wet and mild,” finding a “dry and warm” biome would have taken a long time. After a long ride due south of the 1.7 portal, I reached the sign I was looking for: a desert! Deserts are my least favorite biome ever, but I got so excited that I fell down a ravine and died (whoops). Long story short, I harvested a stack of wood and brought the saplings back to share :)

Have fun on the last few weeks on this server, details about the pvp server will follow!